Using Your Tax Dollars Wisely: Currently the county budget does not effectively take into account the capital planning for education and public safety spending requirements. If we are going to be wise stewards of the taxpayer dollars, while at the same time providing essential services, we have to do a better job of budgeting. I will work to ensure that we are effectively projecting ALL of our anticipated costs in our 5 year plans.

Strengthening Our Schools: As a member of both the school board and chamber of commerce, I know how important it is that we are preparing our students to effectively compete in the economy. I will continue the work I have begun on the school board, to ensure that our educational priorities and spending are meeting the needs of our students by providing greater opportunities for career technical education.

Protecting Property Rights: Protecting property rights is incredibly important to me. Property owners have a right to know that their elected officials are not going to abuse imminent domain to appease special interests. they also have a right to expect that when they buy property in an area zoned for agriculture, that it will be used for agricultural purposes.  

Support Local Law Enforcement: Our officers and deputies are on the front line of keeping us and our students safe. Public safety is one of the primary responsibilities of government, and it is incumbent upon the Board of Supervisors to prioritize public safety in the budget. 

Supporting Local Business: Culpeper needs to be a place where you can raise a family and run a business in a safe and welcoming environment. As a local small business owner I understand that my job on the board of supervisors is to encourage a business friendly environment by keeping taxes low and regulations at a minimum.

Proper Role of Government: Government's job is to protect our rights, our property and to provide those services our constitution authorizes. I will fight to ensure that government stays within its proper boundaries.

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